Many people injured in a car accident believe that they will feel better in a couple of days or weeks as long as they reduce their activities, take medication, or simply rest.  Most people do not know that current medical research shows that soft tissue injuries can result in permanent problems.  A 1987 study reported that of 205 patients with neck pain, 32% had moderate to severe residual pain ten years later.  Another study reported that 43% of 146 patients followed for five or more years had significant permanent disability. In 1985, other researchers reported that 59% of their patients state their injury caused some interference in their daily lives, especially with work and driving.  A 1989 study found that 62% of patients who had sustained whiplash-type injuries had significant  residual symptoms 10 to 15 years after the automobile accident.


Recent advances in chiropractic techniques and research have dramatically shown that chiropractic may be the preferred approach for the management of soft tissue injury.  In 1990, the British Medical Journal reported the results of a ten year study comparing chiropractic with out-patient hospital care for patients with acute and chronic low back pain.  The researchers found a significant, reliable, and measurable advantage for chiropractic patients over hospital out-patient management of back pain.  University of Ottawa found chiropractic management of back pain patients to be superior to medical care in terms of effectiveness, cost, safety, and patient satisfaction.  In 1994, the U.S. government released guidelines for the management of acute low back pain.  Spinal manipulation was recommended as scientifically effective and safe.

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